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Air Quality Systems

Destroy Bacteria

Tested in real-world conditions to reduce bacteria count by 99% in an uncontrolled office environment. 

Reduce PM 2.5

The series is testing and fully compliant with noise regulations. 

Highly Economical

With a reusable electronic filter, expand the life of the inbuilt HEPA filter by up to 5 times.

Optional Add Ons

UV lights, HEPA filter, Ioniser. 

Meet MVPS 1500

Electronic Filter

UL Certified Electronic filter tested against bacteria and viruses. 

Reduce waste by using our electronic filter with a lifespan of 15 years. 

Washable and easy to maintain. 

HEPA Filter

We have the option to add in a hepa filter to doubly ensure enhanced filteration. 

The life of the hepa filter increases by 5 times with the help of the electronic filter. 

Hepa filter used is an industrial grade H12 hepa filter. 


Let the ioniser do the final touches. Clear the room and space from particulate matter. 

Ionisers work best in already clean air. With the help of our electronic filter and hepa filter this is acheived. 

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