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An Aliseo Company

Air Handling Units

Eurovent Certified

Our 23MK series of modular AHUs range in airflow from 1,000 to 80,000 m3/h

Fast Delivery

Achieve your project timeline goals.

Highly Economical

The 23MK series air handling units stand out for their durability, versatility, reliability, and sophisticated design.


Completely smooth internal sections come standard with all 23MK series units, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

Which Air Handling Unit 

is right for you?

Pharma AHU

DIN 1946-4 hygiene certified construction
VDI 6022 certified components 
HEPA filtration
UV germicidal lamp
Drying wheel

Fully customizable

Hygienic AHU

DIN 1946-4 hygiene certified construction

AISI SS-304 / SS-316 internal construction

HEPA filtration

Drainable floors

UV germicidal lamp

Positive casing pressure

Ecology AHU

HEPA filtration

Carbon filtration

Fibre-glass bag filter

UL certified electrostatic filter

Fire-rated fans 

Food AHU

DIN 1946-4 hygiene certified construction

Welded corner internal construction

Anti-microbial coating

HEPA filtration

Fire-rated fans 

Fully customizable

Marine AHU


Naval and offshore sector

Official supplier fincantieri

Pool AHU

AISI SS-304 / SS-316 internal construction​

Corrosion resistant epoxy paints

Chloride coating

Vertical AHU

Low footprint construction

Hi-Tech AHU

Designed in collaboration with your industry

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