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An Aliseo Company

Vertical AHU

24MK Series

Match your specifications with a variety of sizes. 

Airflow ranges from 1700 to 25000 m3/h with total pressures up to 1000 Pa.

Fast Delivery

Achieve your project timeline goals.

Robust Internal Construction

Aluminum frame and 25mm thick sandwich infill panel. Thermo-acoustic insulation of 45 kg / m3 density polyurethane foam.

Reduced Footprint

Minimize overall dimensions and make the most of useful floor space especially when the unit is leaning against a wall.

Which Air Handling Unit 

is right for you?

Pharma AHU

DIN 1946-4 hygiene certified construction
VDI 6022 certified components 
HEPA filtration
UV germicidal lamp
Drying wheel

Fully customizable

Hygienic AHU

DIN 1946-4 hygiene certified construction

AISI SS-304 / SS-316 internal construction

HEPA filtration

Drainable floors

UV germicidal lamp

Positive casing pressure

Ecology AHU

HEPA filtration

Carbon filtration

Fibre-glass bag filter

UL certified electrostatic filter

Fire-rated fans 

Food AHU

DIN 1946-4 hygiene certified construction

Welded corner internal construction

Anti-microbial coating

HEPA filtration

Fire-rated fans 

Fully customizable

Marine AHU


Naval and offshore sector

Official supplier fincantieri

Pool AHU

AISI SS-304 / SS-316 internal construction​

Corrosion resistant epoxy paints

Chloride coating

Vertical AHU

Low footprint construction

Hi-Tech AHU

Designed in collaboration with your industry

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